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Del ruido blanco que hay en internet resaltamos aquello que vale la pena detenerse a leer.

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  1. Hi there!

    I’m sorry for the sudden email.
    Thank you for being a fan of Takayuki Takeya!
    We would like to let you know that IDA launched a new Kickstarter project for Takayuki Takeya’s new creation.
    We really appreciate it if you can tell the news to your friends, family, followers & readers of your website!!
    (Some reference photos are attached.)

    Thank you for your time.

    Best Regards,

    Yasumasa Kutami
    Business Development Directer, IDA, Inc.

    A Japanese Demon Sculpture OGREGOD [nikne-kamuy]
    Kickstarter Project Launched by Japanese Character Artist TAKAYUKI TAKEYA

    IDA, Inc. (Head Office: 6-11-14, Sotokanda, 3331 Arts Chiyoda #303, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Japan, CEO Junya Okabe) launched a new Kickstarter project for Japanese Character Sculptor Takayuki Takeya’s new creation – a Japanese demon character OGREGOD [nikne-kamuy].
    Takayuki Takeya, represented by IDA, is the most talented, well-known sculpture in Japan. This project’s purpose is to fund the production of Kickstarter’s original edition of OGREGOD [nikne-kamuy]. The sculpture was the key visual at ‘Takayuki Takeya Exhibition’ held in summer, 2013, presented by IDA.
    If the project is successfully funded, the limited Kickstarter edition of OGREGOD will be delivered to all the funders worldwide.

    Kickstarter Project Title: Character Sculpture by Japanese Artist TAKAYUKI TAKEYA

    Takayuki Takeya Official Website

    [nikne-kamuy] means an Ogre God in Ainu* Language.
    *The Ainu is indigenous people who lives in the northern part of Japan. They have their own language and culture.

    The original sculpture OGREGOD [nikne-kamuy] was made as the featuring object for Takeya’s art gallery ‘Takayuki Takeya Exhibition’, held in Tokyo in July 2013. OGREGOD [nikne-kamuy] absolutely became a strong icon in the exhibition with an overwhelming atmosphere surrounding it, and gathered much attention from the visitors.
    OGREGOD [nikne-kamuy] has an asymmetrical facial expression.
    On the left side, Takeya expressed Ainu’s demon ‘nikne-kamuy’. The Ainu strongly inherits the DNA from Jomon Era. Takeya is fascinated with Jomon pottery design so he reflected the taste of the Jomon Era into the left half of the face. On the opposite side, he created a different type of devil face reflecting the style from Yayoi Era, with its roots from an area now located in China.
    OGREGOD [nikne-kamuy] is a masterpiece of a mixture of Japan’s origins, ‘Jomon’, and the newer civilization, ‘Yayoi’, evolved from people in areas of Asian countries. It perfectly represents Japan’s currently combined DNA of Jomon and Yayoi, which can never be ignored.

    Passion to the Project

    “I’ve been a friend of Mr. Takayuki Takeya for over ten years now. I believe Takeya is the best model artist and a leading creator in Japan’s art society. His observation skill and sophistication are transcendental. These characteristics are the fundamental of Takeya’s creation. The distinct aura oozing out of his art pieces will be something you could never feel or see from 2D artworks, such as paintings or movies. I have been endlessly seeking for ways to further give an opportunity to people to actually see Takeya’s artworks with his or her own eyes. That was my motivation for launching his exhibition.
    I discovered at the gallery that people were extremely excited to look at his actual works right before their eyes, not through photos or images on the Internet. The exhibition was very successful, and that made me increasingly realize that “Takeya’s creativity is a legend! I have to deliver his product to the world, and want to take Takeya’s talent to the global stage.”
    I think Kickstarter is the best method to get funded for our beloved project as well as to spread the presence of Takayuki Takeya’s talent to global fans. I hope and wish people would get to know Takeya’s art through our Kickstarter project. It leads him to the next stage in his career. I believe his artistic activity should be unlimited, beyond country boarders..”

    JUNYA OKABE, Producer

    Takayuki Takeya, Character Sculptor

    Born in December 10, 1963 in Hokkaido, Japan. Takayuki Takeya has been acclaimed for his outstanding sculpting skill and designs, especially, for his unique creature designs and organic mechanical designs, driven by his distinctive interpretation,
    Takeya became a freelancer from 1985 after he left Model Arts, Inc. For the five years since 1994, his original works “The Hunter’s Angle (Original title: Ryoshi no Kakudo)” was serialized on a sculpture and hobby magazine “S.M.H.”.
    In 1999, his first art collection book “Takayuki Takeya’s Art – The Hunter’s Angle” was published by Hobby Japan, Co., Ltd., and his successful art gallery event, “Takayuki Takeya Exhibition – from Kamen Rider to The Hunter’s Angle”, was also held at PARCO SHIBUYA 3, the following year.
    During these days, Takeya’s works were welcomed in multiple industries like film production, toy, and figure industries.
    He has made numerous figure prototypes for characters in famous titles, such as Final Fantasy VIII, Alien, Predator, Kamen Rider, Devil Man, and more. He led the Yokai Collections and Yokai Netsuke projects, presented by Kaiyodo, as an Executive Producer. He successfully revived these classic Japanese monsters in these projects as sophisticated figure toys for modern fans. Takeya has also produced unprecedented Japanese Buddha figures, in which all the body parts are fully movable, under his original sculpture brand Revoltech Takeya by Kaiyodo. He added new ideas and inspiration to existing Buddha statue designs, offering widely different interpretations for the public. Takeya also worked on production design for movie productions like the GARO series.
    Another recent project was the creation of the concept model for the character Giant God, in the short movie Giant God Warriors Appear in Tokyo screened at “Curator Hideaki Anno’s Tokusatsu Museum” held in 2012.
    The expanded and updated edition of the art collection book, his lifework project The Hunter’s Angle, was re-published by Kodansha in 2013.
    There are avid fans of Takeya’s work outside of Japan. One of the many, NIKE’s president Mark Parker, visited Takeya’s home in Japan to purchase his art pieces before.

    Yasumasa Kutami, IDA Inc.
    6-11-14, Sotokanda, 3331 Arts Chiyoda #303, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021 Japan
    Tel: +81-3-6803-2035
    Fax: +81-3-6803-2045



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